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General Info


The stretch of river you will be kayaking is approximately 7.5 miles in length with an abundance of wildlife including ducks, geese, sand hill cranes, songbirds, deer and various other water animals.  A majority of the trip is considered moderate paddling, however, there are several area’s on your trip where you will encounter fallen trees, rocks and whitewater making it challenging for some people.  This is a great trip for those who have previous RIVER  kayaking experience.


Daily Trips


We have daily trips available. The Waupaca River trip meets at Brainards Bridge Park and returns there.  Please show up at least 15-20 minutes prior to departure time. If you paddle at a leisurely pace, the trip will take roughly 3-3.5 hours to complete if you don’t stop.


What to Expect


You will probably get wet while on the trip. Most is easy paddling; however, there are some rocks you’ll need to maneuver around possibly requiring you to hop out of the kayak if you get stuck. Some lifting may be involved in order to empty your kayak of water. Most of the river is less than 3 feet deep with only a couple spots of deep water. (these spots are very small and you will be over them in seconds.) Further instructions will be given by an instructor prior to your trip departure.


What to Bring on Your Trip


 * Shoes to wear in the river. (flip flops are not  recommended)

 * Sunblock

 * Bug spray

 * Towel, extra shoes/clothes (for the ride home)


• Adventure Outfitters will provide everything you need for your trip including: kayak, paddle (plus 1-2 extra paddles for the group), life jacket, and transportation to and from the river.


• NO food or beverage items are permitted on the river. (This is to keep our river clean from litter.)  However, during the very hot days, you can bring water in your own personal water bottle.  We don't want anyone dehydrated!


10AM Departure Time

All-Inclusive Rate


+ tax per person

Includes kayak, paddle, life jacket and transportation to and from the river.

*Advance reservations are appreciated

Reservation & Cancellation Information

  • We prefer that reservations be made a day in advance of your trip.  Walk-ins only accepted if a trip is scheduled and there are kayaks available.

  • 100% of payment is due upon reservation via credit card.

  • We reserve the right to cancel trips due to inclement weather.  You will receive credit for another trip.

The Waupaca River trip meets at Brainards Bridge Park in Waupaca.  A detailed google map will be emailed to you upon reservation of your trip.  If you made a reservation and didn't receive an email, contact our store at 715-258-0775.

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