General Info

On this adventure you'll be paddling a stretch of river from the Red Mill to Shadow Lake.  It's a 5 mile journey with lots of bends, turns, and wildlife.  Only a few houses border this waterway.  You'll find some minor rocks and rapids in the first 20 minutes and you'll need to maneuver your kayak around fallen trees with a current to push you along.  

Daily Trips


We have daily trips available leaving from and returning to Lower South Park on Shadow Lake in Waupaca. Please show up at least 15-20 minutes prior to departure time. If you paddle at a leisurely pace, the trip will take roughly 2 hours to complete if you don’t stop.


What to Expect


You will find this stretch of river to be very easy paddling.  The bottom is primarily sand and next to nothing for whitewater.  The only challenge may be to paddle around or possibly under a fallen tree along the way. The river depth varies from 1 - 4 feet of water.  If you are looking for an incredibly relaxing and scenic paddling experience, this is for you.  Further instructions will be given by an instructor prior to your trip departure.


What to Bring on Your Trip


* Shoes on this trip are optional.

 * Sunblock

 * Bug spray

 * Towel, extra shoes/clothes (for the ride home)


• Adventure Outfitters will provide everything you need for your trip including: kayak, paddle (plus 1-2 extra paddles for the group), life jacket, and transportation to and from the river.


• NO food or beverage items are permitted on the river. (This is to keep our river clean from litter.)  However, during the very hot days, you can bring water in your own personal water bottle.  We don't want anyone dehydrated!

All-Inclusive Rate


+ tax per person

Includes kayak, paddle, life jacket and transportation to and from the river.

*Advance reservations are appreciated

Reservation & Cancellation Information

  • We prefer that reservations be made a day in advance of your trip.  Walk-ins only accepted if a trip is scheduled and there are kayaks available.

  • 100% of payment is due upon reservation via credit card.

  • We reserve the right to cancel trips due to inclement weather.  You will receive credit for another trip.


9AM and 1PM Departure Times

The Crystal River trip meets at:

South Park

Lower Shelter Area

(on Shadow Lake)


9AM & 1PM Departure Times


If coming to Waupaca on HWY 10:

From East - take EXIT 252 (turn right after exit)

From West - take EXIT 252 (turn left after exit)

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